Posted by: corporations8mybaby | October 25, 2009

Re-Regulate For Peace; An Open Letter To President Obama

Dear Mr. President.
As I write you fall is upon us and you are struggling with health care at home, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan abroad, and a lot of people yelling about things that aren’t even factual.

In this circumstance, I truly thank you for taking the time to consider my views.

I am a child of a post-Vietnam world. The call for peace among nations has been in the nursery rhymes sung to me in my crib. The potential of humanity has not even been tapped due to uneven distribution of peace and education.

It seems clearer than ever that the reason some have opportunity in the world and in our nation while others do not is a result of one of the oldest plagues of our species: Greed.

It seems clear that you have a divided nation, not so much along racial lines, religious lines, fiscal policy lines, educational lines or even the very real divisions in our fundamental views of American militarism.

It seems clear that your two Americas are those of the people and those of the elite citizenry of privilege who achieve their special prominence with the help of the Modern American Business Corporation and the protections that it (perhaps unfairly) gives them.

My friends, my family and I were frankly thrilled when you spoke of a world without the threat of nuclear weapons. Some of us saw the possibility for the first time with your words. I assure you you have my support and the support I’m sure of the majority of Americans on such a target goal.
But I write today to suggest aiming today’s arrows at an even farther-out target for the future. We can provide to ourselves and our neighbors a world that no longer has to suffer the international business adventurism of our corporate citizens.

Allowing our prominent businessmen to use the military and more alarmingly, the less transparent muscle of the vast & dangerously armed national “security” segment of our mighty nation to win continued economic primacy for Wall Street has a long history. It is however not our entire history.

We could say that after Teddy Roosevelt the trend began. After World War II, perhaps September 18, 1947, the trend apparently became a parallel power structure in our republic.

Not today, not tomorrow but someday in the future America won’t do this anymore. Someday in the future the IMF the World Bank & the enforcers for Wall Street won’t exist as they do today. America’s international power will be derived from the will of her citizenry and not just those with the highest positions in business.

How can I, my friends, family and my readers help you to lay a new foundation for a better future; one without corporate militarism, violent adventurism for profit, and the belligerent international arm of Wall Street’s protected class?

I remember reading that not only was our former president’s family enriched by WW2 but Samuel P. Bush, the great grandfather to our former president, even profiteered during WWI. I only bring this up to acknowledge that it is a very old, very established sin of our mainstream citizenry, but it is still a sin. It is not where we should aim our arrows for the future of our nation and it’s place in a just world characterized by peace, opportunity, prosperity and cooperation among nations, our interconnected economies and with the ecosystem itself.

If war is wildly profitable for some it must continue for them; those in a position to reap the rewards and experience a scant few risks. The 85 Billion Dollar global private equity investment firm, “The Carlyle Group” is a perfect symbol of this.

Imagine! 85 Billion Dollars… and when one does a cursory study with Google and a few hours to spare, one sees that they have a disturbing accuracy for profitable investments for their few clients. They seem to know where the money is made in the business of war & global resources better than anybody.

For me and many others, they symbolize the rigged system. They symbolize the opportunities for some but not all. They symbolize, even more than the controversial Halliburton Inc., the rewards of violent military domination of areas with resources; rewards achieved with far less risk than a middle class family taking out one of today’s mortgages.

But to the poor citizen unfortunate enough to live in a weaker nation that has resources that a preferred member of the Wall St. power structure might want to control, the violence and death wrought upon them is in the name of the people of the United States of America.

It’s obvious that I am unhappy being associated with that, not because I want any of Halliburton’s or Carlyle’s ill gotten gains, but because I love my freedom and my fellow man. I wish to see all people in the world at least as happy and free as I am if not more.

So when I call for peace, I am not merely calling for an end to these particular Bush Cheney oil wars.
I am asking for a road-map.
I am asking for aiming at the bulls-eye.
I am asking that we encourage progressive think tanks and forward thinking public servants to remake our rules so that it’s not as friendly to the wild profits of war and of militaristic bullying.

I am expressing our national desire for peace with a desire for a 21st century trend away from Wall Street’s primacy and most especially their power to commit acts of violence on behalf of big business.

So it is in that context that I ask for you to confer with those who most profoundly argued from our legislature against war during the 43rd president’s administration.

I ask you to confer with the new blood in the house and senate that will take the risks to not only end our involvement providing access to Iraq’s oil to the biggest private energy companies in the world, but to pass ground breaking new legislation to make it far less likely to happen that way ever again.

I admire your bold words. You are so right, it was a mistake to go into Iraq.
I understand why you framed it in relationship to 9/11/2001 and Al Qaeda as well, but as that event fades back into history, we need to make sure that such adventurism whether in error or in anticipation of gain for our wealthiest citizens is no longer easy to accomplish.

I understand that a whole web of factors are involved.

I understand that making elections publicly financed, for example, allows for far fewer in the house and senate that would push for military action on behalf of their biggest contributors.

I understand that re-regulating and possibly even redefining by charter the American Corporation might be required to remove the endless incentive for quarterly profits and this dangerous practice of finding “externalities”, or ways to reduce costs by harming the public commons.

( ie: let the costs of pollution be borne by the medical system, the loss of health and life of humans, other animals and other living things. That’s a hidden cost. Or let the “low prices” reflect unseen abused workers in far-off lands.)

Rewriting the rules for corporations seems a way to point our arrows to a more peaceful world.

Then there is the free press. Our constitution considers this business so necessary to our continued existence as a republic, that it is the only business mentioned in the bill of rights. Our press is now digital. Whether we read words or someone reads them for us into a camera or microphone, our founders directed us all to keep that practice of journalism and expression healthy, vital, diverse and sacrosanct.

The “error” of the Iraq war could not have happened without the press in all of it’s forms also making some severe errors themselves.  Though we cannot legislate good sense, we can legislate new rules of the road for being called “news”.

Facts exist. Water is made of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, The sun is hotter than the earth, increasing populations of bark beetles endanger the worlds forests, and some governments are measurably dangerous and threatening to others. Anything called news should deal in facts. Opinions, especially those designed to mislead, should not be labeled news.

Opinion, driven by a profit motive, is not what our constitution and it’s bill of rights is primarily concerned with protecting. It is the reportage of fact uncontaminated with profit motive, that makes it possible for myself and my fellow citizens to do our job as voters; as those who send representatives to the legislature. We cannot send coherent messages to our legislators if we are operating on faulty information.

I understand that this is key, I understand that this broke down during the 43rd president’s administration and I understand that there are brilliant men and women in the legislature today that have ideas for new protections against the disproportionate communication of misinformation, propaganda and profit motivated deception.

The other threat to peace, a very real concern from the last decade came about in the problems with elections. The previous administration and prominent business men engaged in very aggressive tactics of blaming voters & registration efforts for election chaos all while Corporate Tech CEOs were bragging to “deliver” elections for certain candidates with their voting machines. The firing of federal prosecutors for not joining in with this deception cries out for new rules – and for justice.

Peace, if it is the will of the people, must not be threatened with rigged elections. With a new world of technology comes a need for clarification of the rules of fair elections.  I urge you to meet with the legislators and thinkers who have simple and straight forward fixes for the unacceptable problems experienced in elections over the past decade. I also want you to know I support Attorney General Eric Holder if he seeks to hold people accountable. This is one topic where accountability seems as important as any I can think of for the future of our voting republic certainly lies in the balance.

I sometimes wonder if creating a more parliamentary system for our legislature would not lead to less systemic corruption including international adventurism on behalf of big business.  If we had proportional representation of the various kinds of liberals and conservatives, along with good educations and honest news, it seems to me that America would be a far more peaceful neighbor.

But perhaps expecting you to consider that future is an overreach.

I would like you to remind the people that Instant Runoff Voting is a wonderful tool for reading the will of the people in elections.  And so perhaps as simplistic as it may seem, an end to “black box” or proprietary-software electronic voting, and the adoption of instant runoff voting would be sure to keep representation closer to the will of the electorate, and that’s always good for the people.

The fact that big corporate interests oppose it bodes well.

You have my support on real reform of health care and how to pay for it. You have my support on education reform and getting more Americans into and through college without a lifetime of debt. You have my support on holding banks and financial institutions accountable. You have my support in standing up to the few who benefited a bit too much between 2000 and 2008.

But this is a letter about peace sir, and so be clear that you have my enthusiastic support for closing the detention center at Guantanimo Bay, Cuba, ending the occupation of Iraq, removing our men and women from Afghanistan, and finding non violent solutions in Pakistan.

Yes we want change. Peace would be the best change I can think of.

Ultimately, I want you to know that I and so many like me stand behind you and your vision of a peaceful cooperative world.

I also want you to know that we will struggle with you to reduce the power of the few who benefit from a lack of peace, disharmony and division.

– The 7Billionth John Doe (7bJD)



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